Tuesday, August 4, 2015

How Can Knowing Your Mortgage Options Help You?

Rich Rosa, co-founder and co-owner of Buyers Brokers Only, LLC asks “Is a Lack of Understanding About Mortgages Holding Back Home Buyers?

Possibly….this is one of the reasons I wrote my book. The mortgage process is confusing to say the least and whether you’ve never applied for a mortgage before or have multiple mortgages, the more you know about the process, the better. I believe that an educated consumer is our best client. An educated consumer asks better quality questions and is more comfortable discussing and exploring their loan options.

Most people don’t know how much home purchasing power they have, how much to expect for closing costs (varies by state), or how much paperwork is involved when applying for a home loan. Most people have no idea the difference between loan programs from bank to bank, lender to lender, or broker to broker— or what the differences are between the main types of residential mortgage providers. Most people have no criteria for choosing a lender, the type of loan to seek, or how much down payment is best for them. For example, are their differences between the types of property that may affect down payment?

The mortgage industry is packed with nuance, which can lead to confusion for the consumer. While trying to buy a home, you may have people from many different professions telling you what you should do and how to make decisions—who should you listen to in which situations? Your most personal financial information is critical to the mortgage process and yet do you know who you are sending it to? What about mortgage insurance? Why is it required and when?

The two questions I most often hear are: “What’s the payment?” and, “What’s the interest rate?” While these questions are important, there are several other questions that are just as critical: what is the right loan type for me; is there an up-front funding fee for this loan; what are the differences in available mortgage insurance; how will property type restrictions affect my loan; what are the pros and cons of this loan; what is the down payment requirement with this loan choice over another; what are the closing costs associated with each loan type; and, who is allowed to pay the closing costs? Successfully navigating the maze of questions, regulations, and requirements ultimately leads to a mortgage closing.

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